“About a year ago, we shipped a Comptche Ridge Vineyards Pinot Noir & received a really, really good response. That isn’t surprising given Anderson’s Valley quick ascension to the utter echelon of Pinot Noir regions in America. We originally were interested in Comptche Ridge Vineyards because they sell some fruit to Anthill Farms for a vineyard designate Pinot Noir. Of course, if you want to buy that Pinot Noir, good luck…Anthill’s waiting list these days is pretty legendary and likely a number of years long.

As with many winemakers though, the guys at Anthill make a number of different wines. From Bluxome Street in San Francisco, to this Comptche Ridge bottling itself, the guys behind Anthill Farms have a number of other projects, that are basically the same style of wine, without the huge waiting list.

The Comptche Ridge folks held a small scale tasting at Wayfare Tavern in San Francisco, in a little known 3rd floor room that, in my opinion is quintessential San Francisco.

To get up there, you’ll probably need an escort from the hostess as I did. You walk up the main stairs into the 2nd floor and then cut past a number of tables, to the staircase which is marked “exit only”. Head up those stairs and you find the wine cellar and some more tables in a larger room, which I am guessing the Tavern uses for private events.

Comptche Ridge was pouring their 2012 and 2013 Pinot Noir, as well as a neighbor’s Chardonnay and a dessert wine, that the Europeans consider an aperitif.

It was an interesting event for me largely because, as usual, I was the first to arrive, so I had some time to spend with vineyard owner Mark Weir by myself.

Mark talked about a wide range of issues and things that told me the story of Comptche Ridge in exquisite detail. To start, I was wondering why sell to Anthill and not one of the larger names in wine?”